Challenges of Upgrading Your Grain Hazard Monitoring Equipment

It can be daunting to upgrade and automate your grain hazard monitoring equipment. The expenses, the training, and finding the right equipment can all be rather intimidating. It’s important to understand these challenges and what they could mean for the success of your facility. However, we think that the positives might just outweigh the negatives.

Costs and expenses are always a major factor when considering updating your equipment. It’s a major expense- that can’t be ignored! However, upgrading and modernizing your grain hazard monitoring is an investment for the future. Properly installed and updated hazard monitoring systems are vital in detecting and preventing disastrous situations. If it meant saving a little cash or protecting your facility and employees, which would you choose?

Employee and operator training
As with all new equipment and technologies there will be days of employee training and learning curves. Though modern grain hazard monitoring equipment is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, there is always a training phase when new systems are put into place.

With the team at Interface Automation, we make the process even easier. From installation of the equipment to in-depth, specialized training, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Finding the right equipment
Grain bin equipment is not a one size fits all situation; it has to be a unique process specific to your needs. There are many options within this process, Interface Automation has the solution that best fits your facility and employees.

Advantages of upgrading your equipment
The benefits of updating your grain bin hazard monitoring systems are endless! Perhaps the most important reason to upgrade is that your facility’s safety levels will skyrocket. Modern systems provide more accurate, detailed data that surpass the product of older systems. Upgraded systems are made to better identify equipment alarms because of their highly accurate and sensitive sensors.

Upgrading your system will also promote efficiency within your facility. Your employees will be able to quickly identify downed equipment without second guessing or investigating what went wrong. Less downtime means more product which will generate more revenue. Save time and money- what could possibly be better?
Interface Automation can help

Interface Automation is your local automation expert, providing innovative solutions for all of your automation and agricultural needs. Modern grain hazard monitoring systems provide more accurate data in hazard monitoring, bearing monitoring, temperature control, and aeration control. Have questions about upgrading your current operation? We are happy to help! We are 100% committed to your facility’s success and will assist your business in any way we can. Give our team a call at (419)-270-5755 to learn more information about the benefits of updating your equipment and how it can transform your operations.