Our Service

From planning to installation, Interface Automation provides our customers with a turnkey system integration that will increase the safety, efficiency and profitability of your business. Our commitment to keeping up with technology, along with the experience and knowledge of our customers’ needs, allows us to provide customized solutions that will take your individual systems and make them operate as one cohesive unit.

System Design

A cookie cutter system that is packaged the same for every facility does not have the flexibility to meet the requirements of your unique systems and processes. That is why we take the time to meet with the managers and operators involved in the process before beginning to design a control system that is customized for each individual customer. The end result is a turnkey solution designed totally around your needs. In addition, we provide our customers complete AutoCAD drawings of both new and integrated systems. These drawings allow you to keep up-to-date records of your facility, and give you all the information you need to troubleshoot and maintain your systems.


Interface Automation offers complete turnkey system integration that includes automation control and programming. Our experienced techs will sit down with you to discuss exactly what you want to automate within your facility. We then use PLC programming software from Automation Direct and Allen Bradley to make it happen. Our programming services include HMI-SCADA designs that allow your operators to monitor processes with a graphical display. An upgrade from push button controls, this graphic display of the workflow gives operators the information they need to quickly identify and address any problems that may develop.


Automating your reporting, alerting and data collection can be the easiest way for you to improve efficiency and quickly see a return on your investment. By optimizing your operational performance with automation technology, Interface Automation can help you find labor and energy savings while ensuring that your facility is able to meet tracking requirements and regulatory safety standards.

Electrical Installation

Interface Automation is affiliated with Calgie Electrical. This affiliation allows us to handle all of your electrical installation in-house without the additional cost and hassle of contracting with an outside company. As a customer of Interface Automation, we guarantee quality, professional work from the initial project design to the final installation.

Support and Training

Once we have completed your system integration and automation, we take the time to ensure everyone involved has been properly trained on the new technology. Of course, our services don’t end when the training is complete. We also offer 24/7 remote technical support. If an issue ever arises, we can quickly help you troubleshoot and get your system up and running without having to wait for a tech to schedule an on-site visit.