Grain elevators minimize waste, control key processes, and prevent equipment issues from halting operations with control system design, integration, and maintenance from Interface Automation. Modernizing your grain control will allow you to operate more efficiently with enhanced safety. Updated controls and equipment enclosures for your main, distributor or gate control will allow you to pinpoint problems faster in specific places, while providing ease of operation. Our upgrades will enhance safety, increase throughput, and promote efficiency.

Grain handling and storage has undergone changes due to great advancements in automation and computer technology during the past three or four decades. Changes will rapidly continue in the years ahead with innovations in electronics. Safety, the cost of employees and training, the need to move product more efficiently and faster and insurance costs have impacted grain handling and management. These challenges have encouraged the use of automatic controllers, variable frequency drives and monitors to track inventory, move grain, control atmospheres within grain storage facilities and make grain facilities more productive, safer and more profitable.

Interface Automation’s goal is to make it straightforward for you to monitor and manage your grain using your existing grain cable network and to provide a cost-effective migration pathway towards a state-of-the-art digital cable network. Interface Automation provides an advanced solution for managing your stored grain. We provide an innovative system that can communicate with any commercial grain cable on the market and reliably output accurate data with which you can make informed decisions on your stored asset.

Grain temperature monitoring and protection systems are available to provide early detection of problems before significant damage or product waste can occur. An increase in temperature can indicate the decline of the grain’s value, insect presence, and/or microbial activity in the bin making grain temperature monitoring highly valuable. Using analog (thermocouple) cables suspended from the roof structure of the grain bin, the interior temperature of the grain mass can be effectively monitored and prompt action can be taken if needed. Temperature data from the cables are read manually with a handheld monitor or the data can be read automatically by a computer system.
Our controllers are equipped with aeration (fan) systems. Within the grain bin, if humidity and temperature levels reach a certain threshold the fans will turn on to meet desired temperature levels. The aeration fans will turn on and off when the conditions of the grain are suitable to the presets you have set into the system.

Interface Automation’s hazard monitoring systems are designed to enhance grain elevator safety by providing real-time feedback from a network of sensors installed on a range of machinery such as belt conveyors, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, fans, blowers, and more. This feedback enables operators to be proactive with maintenance and repairs and goes a long way towards reducing potential dust explosion hazards and making grain elevator operations safer and more productive.

No matter your facility size, Interface Automation will have some automation solutions for you. Automation systems are becoming an invaluable resource in the agriculture industry. From a basic sensor that will turn things on when it senses a truck to a full-blown SCADA system allowing you to control things from a computer or mobile phone. We will find you the best system that fits you technological and economical needs.

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