Properly installed hazard monitoring systems are a key factor in detecting and preventing potentially dangerous situations. Not only can proper monitoring help make your workplace safer, it can also increase production by identifying maintenance needs before they become a problem. Our hazard monitoring systems continually monitor bin temperature, aeration control, and overall health of your equipment. With over 30 years of experience in the grain handling industry, Interface Automation is the best choice when installing, automating and maintaining your hazard monitoring systems.

Bearing Monitoring

Maintaining the health of your bearings is essential to the integrity of your equipment. Historically, this required a person to inspect the look, sound and feel of the bearings manually. Due to advances in technology, there are now automated systems, using thermocouples and probes that can monitor your bearings and instantly alert you to any issues before they become critical problems that can result in significant downtime and maintenance costs. Interface Automation’s highly sensitive detector tools offer a smart and effective way of monitoring bearing performance. With bearing temperature sensors installed, imminent failures and loss of production can be avoided. Why be reactive to a problem when you can proactively prevent one from ever happening?

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Bin Temperature

Storing grain for long periods of time requires a dependable method for accurately monitoring and recording the grain temperature. When bin temperature is not accurately monitored, excessive moisture and high temperatures can occur damaging the condition of your grain. By installing long cables in the grain bins, Interface Automation can help you monitor temperature at 4’ or 6’ intervals depending on your needs. As an added bonus, these cables can be retractable, making it easy to service even when your bin is full. Planning on future growth? We can install a system that will work with your current system while having the capabilities to adapt to future upgrades.

Our hazard monitoring systems watch for changing trends of the temperature of the grain. If a change in temperature is occurring, our systems alert you so you can make the right decisions to preserve the quality of your products. By giving you more control of your product through grain bin temperature monitoring, you’re able to save the money you need.

Aeration Control

Similar to bin temperature, aeration control can also be managed by long cables that monitor temperature, humidity, and grain moisture content throughout your grain bin. Aeration control can also be done at 4’ or 6’ intervals depending on your needs. Interface Automation can help you automate your systems to enable the data from these cables to automatically initiate aeration fans only when needed, maximizing the efficiency of your grain handling system. Why waste time and money when you don’t have to? We can develop a system for you that will cool and dry uniformly and protect your grain and business profits.

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