Why You Should Consider Automating Your Grain Handling Facility

Every day, farming is changing- new challenges and successes pop up in the blink of an eye. One way to stay ahead is automation. Automation uses different control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for labor and increase the production of goods and services. This is an investment that can help you achieve maximum return on investment.

Save Both Time and Money
Automation promotes the highest levels of efficiency which will save you time and (possibly more importantly) money. Of course, the new equipment will be a large expense, but it will pay for itself tenfold. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money!

You can expect more accurate data when monitoring the temperature and other hazards in your grain bins after you automate your systems. Reduced downtimes and accurate data are two outcomes that you can rely on from an automated grain handling system.

Another way automation saves your operation money is by producing and distributing grain more efficiently and in higher quantities. When more grain can get on more trucks in less time, you will be able to produce at higher rates which will result in greater revenue. Plus, customers will be able to get their grain faster!

Efficient Labor
Imagine that one of your conveyors shut down- not a completely uncommon occurrence. With your current system, you cannot immediately know the problem at hand. The operator has to investigate what went wrong and then has to attempt to fix it. An automated system will immediately tell you why the conveyor shut down so you can quickly and easily return to normal operations. This will allow your employees to work more efficiently so more products can be created without the unnecessary machine downtime.

Automated systems also eliminate the needs for mundane and expensive human labor. There are more tasks that can be completed without employee supervision so your employees can handle the more important tasks at hand.

Exceptional Communication and Seamless Operations
There’s training and learning curves with every new system, but modern automation systems are exceptionally easy to navigate. Automation removes unnecessary communications such as radios and simplifies it with clear, easy to read words on the screen before you. No more second guessing what your coworker said or meant, this way you will know exactly what to do next and eliminate possible mistakes.

The Best Option for Your Facility
Automating your grain handling facility is a sure-fire way to save you time and money and promote efficiency. As the population continues to grow, so will the need for agriculture products. Automation can help you keep up with the continued increase in demand- it’s called smart farming for a reason!